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Thread: Do I need to increase my cpu power?

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    300W Enlight

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    Originally posted by Zerstorer

    Well you could try ChannelWell, but I won't recommend going any cheaper if you want a reliable powersupply. Most cheaper ones do not perform to their specs, hence a $40 "300watter" might be no better than a 250w in another computer.

    What is the current PS in your computer? Check the ratings for the +12 +5 and +3.3 volt rails.

    At the very least try to get a PS that has current ratings that exceed those on your current PS.
    Yea, check the power rails.
    Check them in your BIOS...
    If it drops below the specified rating, get a new PSU.

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    NOw I am having problem installing XP. i Tried booting it fr the cd and from there, I followed the instructions to install. However, after the first reboot by the setup, I went into this XP logo screen and it freezes over there. It is also quite dim looking. Can anyone help?

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    I am using a 4gig backup disk loaned to me temporary by my friend to install win XP. Is that the problem?

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