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Thread: Scaling/Enlarging Algorithm comparisons

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    Default Scaling/Enlarging Algorithm comparisons

    I've carried out an informal test of 4 methods of enlarging an image:

    1)Photoshop 7 Bicubic
    2)Photoshop 7 Bicubic(in small increments emulating Fred Miranda's SI algorithm)
    3)Genuine Fractals 2.0

    From the results, it is clear that GF2 has the least degree of artifacting when enlarged and is my preferred result. The Lanzcos comes next.

    Between the normal photoshop bicubic and the SI(emulated) there is little to choose between the two except that the artifacts generated are different but still more obvious than the other 2 algorithms.

    Anyone with similar experiences to share?

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    Apologies for the different sizes, done in a hurry. All are to the same scale just that the cropping area was different.

    Check the picture names for the alogrithm used.


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