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    I am new to digital photography and using Adobe CS. I do have a question to ask though.

    How do you simulate the effects of using Filters, such as Graduated Filter and Polarizing Filter on Photoshop CS.

    I am actually more inclined to use the actual filters during the shoot, but I understand from a number of ppl, that filters with DSLR are a thing of the past. Everything can be retouched on Photoshop.

    Your help will be invaluable.


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    For Graduated Filter...
    you can create a new layer...
    and draw a gradient with any colour combination that you like.
    And change the layer blending mode to "Color"

    For polarizing filter...
    (Actually there are far better ways, and plug ins... you may try Harry's Filters 3.0 from the for a very detailed polarizing filter effects)
    But to get quick results, you can duplicate your layer.
    Change the blending mode to "Multiply"
    and lower the Opacity of that duplicated layer to the value that you like.

    Hope this helps
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    for graduating effect (e.g too darken the sky) I like to use the mask and gradient tool.

    as for polarising effect - depend what you want to manipulate. to enhance the sky and cloud kind of manupilation no problem. Just play with the hue and saturation. But to remove all glare and reflection from windows or water are very difficult. For this it is better to put on a polarising filter while you shoot.

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    Thanks Waiaung,

    Tried it and I can see the results that I was looking for.

    Jopel, do agree that to remove glare from the water, a polarizer should be already in place before the shot was taken.

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