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    Hi, I have an old Olympus DSLR and it's sensor shows one line of blue streak only in higher ISO 800 and above, I am thinking to replace the sensor. May I know from the experts here where should I go to get the sensor replaced? Understand it may also be possible to replace with other sensor i.e. Kodak ones too (read from DPreview). I love the color of the camera thus would like to keep it in pristine condition as much as possible. Thanks. Cheers.

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    Bring it to Olympus...

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    You should try Camera Hospital at Bencoolen but I doubt they would have the capabilities to switch out your sensor - or like Rashkae said - Bring your cam and pay Olympus a visit...

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    1) Bring to Olympus (safest way, but since you mentioned it is an old DSLR, not sure if Olympus still has spare part)
    2) Do it yourself (see if you can buy a sensor from places like ebay)
    3) Bring to Camera Hospital or PGcamera.
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    Thanks, I will probably try DIY it, given the few options.

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    Quote Originally Posted by audiobean View Post
    Thanks, I will probably try DIY it, given the few options.

    remember to record the whole process into video, upload to youtube that able to help many others.
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    Sensor replacement usually cost more than a good 2nd camera.

    The procedure is not straight forward, a few required adjustments using "special" PC software.
    Special because only the manufacturer has it.
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