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Thread: [ Chasing Lights ] Northern Lights Photography Workshop Jan 2014 (with Dog-sledding)

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    Thumbs up [ Chasing Lights ] Northern Lights Photography Workshop Jan 2014 (with Dog-sledding)

    I will be sharing my Arctic and Northern Lights experience at Campers Corner (51 Waterloo Street) on 18 July, 7.30pm. Free admission, casual setting. Feel free to drop by!

    Hey guys,

    I am Thomas Hunger, a professional photographer and tour guide living in Tromsø, Norway.

    If your dream is to see the Northern Lights in all its glory, join me this season on an all-inclusive 6 night photography workshop and holiday in Tromsø, Norway.
    from 4 to 10 January 2014 (for more dates see below).

    You will get to practice Northern Lights, long exposure, low-light and landscape photography. With a bit of luck, we may also get to do wildlife photography with birds, humpback whales, reindeers or even the very rare wild bearded seal.

    Another highlight of the workshop will be the production of time lapse movies with a time lapse dolly that will be provided. I will show you how to produce stunning time lapses, for example of a sunrise at the fjord, a sunset on the beach or the Northern Lights dancing above our heads and how to post-produce this into a breathtaking video with Adobe Lightroom.

    A nice mix of activities to ensure you get the most out of your trip.

    By day I will introduce you to the beautiful fjords, mountains, lakes, and beaches of Norway, and by night our hunt for clear skies will take us to the coastal areas in Norway or even inlands into Finland and Sweden. I consult solar and meteorological reports every night and will take you wherever the best conditions for a Northern Lights show are, so do bring your passport for every Northern Lights chase!

    This trip includes:
    - 6 nights accomodation in a modern 3* hotel in the city center of Tromsø with breakfast included.
    - 5 Northern Lights chases at night in a modern and comfortable van in a group of no more than 8 people.
    - 1 Dog-sledding OR snow-mobile trip (pick one!)
    - 1 Fjord excursions in the day time (Norway is the country with most of the world's fjords).
    - 1 Boat excursion in the day time in the arctic ocean around the islands (with a stop on one of them).
    - Food and drinks on all trips.
    - All transport to and from your hotel for every trip.
    - Photography tips and advice on all the trips from a professional photographer.
    - Tripods, since there is no other way for amazing pictures of the Northern Lights.
    - Thermal suits, boots, mittens and hats to keep you warm in arctic temperatures.

    Not included:
    - Flights
    - Visa (if needed)
    - Insurances
    - Woollen underwear (please bring your own)
    - Photography equipment
    - Any other expenses not mentioned above

    - S$5,300 / pax (twin-sharing)
    - S$5,800 / pax (single)

    Northern Lights seen from a spot in the mountains between the villages Tromvik and Rekvik.

    Although there is never a guarantee for this natural phenomenon, we will be taking you out on 5 nights of Aurora chase in order to maximize your chances of seeing a good show. In addition, the upcoming winter months are expected to bring the most intense Aurora displays as solar activity reaches its peak. This peak happens once every 10 years, so don't miss it! Learn more: Sun warms up for solar maximum

    Tromsø lies around 70° northern latitude, that’s in the middle of our planet’s magnetic field. While you can witness Northern and Southern Lights on many parts of our planet Earth, in Tromsø you will not only get to see the Aurora far in the distance, but also right above your head. So, lay down and enjoy the show!

    Since I live in Tromsø, I conduct this workshop every week between the months of September and March. Contact me and let me know what your preferred dates are. I also offer discounts for larger groups. You will find more information on my website Chasing Lights.

    Just contact me at

    I look forward to an unforgettable trip with you.


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