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Thread: Xiamen, Fujian

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    Smile Xiamen, Fujian

    We, a group of around 12 paxs, planning to visit Xiamen and surrounding area in april 2014. Would appreciate if someone can recommend a local chinese tourist guide who can speak english to arrange for our 6 to 8 days tour.
    Also, if anyone can suggest what interesting places to visit in Fujian.
    Thanks for your feedback !

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    I think you can consider this route below:
    First, you can travel Gulangyu Island, Shuzhuang Garden, South Putuo Temple in Xiamen. Then, you can have a visit to some famous Tulou clusters, such as Yongding Tulou, Tianluokeng Tulou Cluster, Hongkeng Tulou Cluster, etc. Here you will see all kinds of earthen structures. At last, visit Wuyishan Mountain. There you can have a drink of China tea, visit Tianyou Peak and cruise down the Nine Bend River.
    There are lots of shooting locations when visiting.
    If you need specific itinerary and an English guide, I can give a help.

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    Hi judithliang, thanks for your your suggestions. Yes, I hope you would provide me the contact info of this English guide.

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    A chinese speaking guide is easier to find and the description will be thorough and lucid. will lose the nice phrases the good guide can offer of any given place.

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    Actually what we need is a Chinese speaking guide who can also speak some English, for the benefit of some of our members. Majority of us are Chinese educated. Can anyone recommend ? Thanks.


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