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Thread: Kyrgyzstan, Switzerland of the east

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    Hey guys,

    I have just came back from a month long grad trip in Kyrgyzstan and the country is really amazing. If you are a landscape photographer, I am 100% sure you will love the country.

    Particularly, I have visited Arslanbob which is a mountain oasis in Kyrgyzstan and I have gotten in touch with one of a coordinator from KG Community Based Tourism who is a really nice and hospitable chap.

    If anyone here happen to visit KG soon, the CBT coordinator would hope that you would be able to bring in a camera lens for him. Camera equipment in KG is way too expensive for them to afford and he needs a better lens to snap better wildlife pictures to further promote tourism in his village.

    He is contactable via and he has promised free accommodations and tours around his village to the person who bring in the lens.

    Do contact him if you are willing to help and wish to know more details from him.

    Below is one of the pictures I have taken in KG.


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    There's no picture


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