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Thread: Electric shaver : Philips or Braun???

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    Quote Originally Posted by kahheng
    Your opinion can't be trusted here because of the obvious Dutch bias against the Germans!!! Such shameful partisan behaviour!
    I found out the hard way Dutch are better than German products......anyway, one truth: my opinion can NEVER be trusted! So, I use Philips, and still need a second shave at the end of the day :-)

    Either my hormones are pushing the growth of hair, or Philishave is just not good enough, or I need a wet shave which is the best anyway........and cheap too!


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    Philips 686 heh? Okie dokie, I'll look that up. I've Philips 300 and 304. The 304 comes with trimmer. Shaving wasn't fantastic, infact I got to run over same patch several times and always felt unshaved after 2 hours . Anyway, about once a month I shaved with Gillette Sensor Excel to recailbrate that shaven feelings. IT FEELS GOOD!

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