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Thread: Sony NEX 5R or Olympus EPL5

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    Quote Originally Posted by chikon View Post

    very true, even Nikon uses Sony sensors i think
    Not really true. Not all of Nikon's sensors are supplied by Sony. There's Aptina and and Toshiba too

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    Quote Originally Posted by shadowpool View Post
    I just got my GF6, it is surprisingly wonderful. Especially in self-portrait. Beside that, Wifi feature is useful, after capture a group photo and sending it instantly to everyone via whatsapp or upload it to facebook.
    Touch capturing is impressive, you will like it if you are not a pro like me.
    For tilt screen, I found that GF6 is better than EPL5 (mechanism is a bit tight) or 5R (only can be flip in one direction).
    Other than the screen, it's the same as the 5R.

    BTW.. The 5R's screen can flip up and down

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