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Could the cat be somehow trapped inside your office aircon system above?.......poor cat!
not possible. There's no aircond outside, then my ex-gf's dad came back, says oh there's a cat spirit here. Btw, he's those who can see things, and analyse feng shui, lifeline, pak ji etc. Btw, her dad is a CEO and masters holder, still be believes in these stuffs. Oh yes, what's shocking is, he didn't hear the cat's meow, he just knew.
Another time, I was having an overnight at my ex-gf's place. Then I felt a sad presence, very sad in her computer room. The whole environment changed, suddenly it felt like the 70s. You can almost feel the 70s music.. don't ask me how I know, you just 'know' it. I told my gf "wait.. there's something in this room...". Then I closed my eyes and 'feel' the presence. Yes, indeed no doubt. There's a chill around, hairs are up, and it's like telling you, it's restless. I used my aura to chase it away, then, the presence can be felt at the kitchen (it ran there).
Then, the next day, her dad suddenly tell her daugher "you know, I'll tell u something, but u don't be scared ok?". "Actually there's a female spirit in our house. She was living at the patch of land next to our place (now the marine parade community center). Now it's been developed, she have nowhere to stay. She asked me for help, and I promised her I'll help her return to the spiritworld in 3days time. I'll pray for her for 3days. For now, she'll remain in our house, sleep in the bed--- pointed at the --> computer room".
My god... so I was right.