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    Hey everyone

    Inspired by the recent Supermoon, I went on a search online and saw a lot of impressive photos. So here I am trying to help myself improve.

    Here are two examples of the photos that I saw:

    (credits to the respective copyright owners)

    I would like to clarify on the technique to use:
    Step 1: Meter for the moon and take a shot
    Step 2: Meter for the foreground and take a shot
    Step 3: Combine the two photos during PP

    Assuming the steps I listed are correct (I actually Google and got these), do I have to aim zhun zhun while taking the 2 (or more) photos? That is the moon must be at the exact same position or it doesn't matter?

    Want to get back to photography

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    The first image had quite a bit of photoshopping. The second one can be shot just like that, straight out of camera.

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    If you have tried zooming into the moon you will quickly realize this: the moon is moving. HDR don't do so well when subjects are moving. You get motion blur. My suspicion is that the first photo was shot using HDR and then another shot of the moon was superimposed onto the HDR shot with the motion blurred moon.

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    Ts, if your subject is only the supermoon, maybe you can check below link how he do it...

    How to Photograph the Supermoon


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