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Thread: Construction Site Photography?

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    Has anyone tried shooting construction site? Must we obtain permit before shooting? I find that objects found in construction site are very interesting for photography.

    It is very true that construction sites can be fatal. There are various phases involved. Depending what u deem as interesting, the risk is simply not worthwhile. Some early stages in construction could involve demolition. In SG there are more A&A(Alteration and Addition) kinda stuff going on...dying down also. If u must seek the permission of the COW(Clerk of works) he is the supervisor on site on behalf of the QP(qualified practitioner) better known as the architect. Sure project managers excercise some control mainly workers under the contractors. Safety will be under their concern but they will have to give face to Qp and clerk of works.

    Frankly I doubt any parties above would want unnecessary risks, photographers may obstruct work flow esp if u do not understand the phases of the building erection. If u are really interested there is a phase before construction known as "site show round" around the tender period of the project call up the relevant architect involved u may have some luck, that is mainly site no building or watsoever. A better chance would be during fire saftey issuance when they test the fire safety, most of the time water will be sprayed and alarms will go off, much of the building is already up, pretty fun still. Seek permission and dont wander away from the parties involved at site. Good luck.
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