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Thread: Canon 70 -200mm f4/L or Sigma 70 - 200mm f2.8

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    Default Canon 70 -200mm f4/L or Sigma 70 - 200mm f2.8

    Like to ask you guys about this.. Have a tight budget.. else definately get the f2.8/L hehe... any users on the len pls comment? is it comparable or diff class of its own cos of its f stop? which sharper at a smaller f stop as i might need to take at low light.. i be usin it for portraiture and some landscape shots.. pls advice... i dun mind about weight as i wont be using the lens to shoot whole day. use my 17 - 40mm more often.. thanks..

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    save up for a 2.8 if not in hurry..which i am also saving for..

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    abit restricted in shoot le.. i only have my 17-40 n a 50mm len.. although got 1.6x field crop.. i nd a tele...

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    The 70-200/4 is tack sharp even wide open and incredibly light! You could easily hand-hold it at 200mm, 1/60s for most low lit conditions. The Sigma is pretty sharp too but at 200mm, it tends to be soft wide open. This problem is, interestingly enough, eliminated by using it around 190-195mm. Walk forward one more step?

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    The sigma lens if very heavy, but if that is not a concern, then i think the 2.8 helps...


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