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Thread: Samaritans needed ,please help

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    Default Samaritans needed ,please help

    To all my dear friends,

    Samaritans needed!

    Its an emergency! We are looking for physically fit people who are willing to commit for a period of 2 weeks to give out N95 mask at INDOOR areas island wide to the public!!

    Must be able to start work within 1-2 days activation. N95 mask will be provided for the person taking up the job. I need more than 1000 people! Retail Hours!

    Please assist to spread the word and get the interested applicants to call 6536 8060 to register or enquire for more details. Look for Meiyin or email me at

    This is an emergency! Please do not ignore! Do your part or assist to share this post!

    Thank you very much!

    EA License: 07C4872

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    Upss for good deed

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    Default Re: Samaritans needed ,please help

    It's been posted everywhere, real or not? free masks or you need these people to sell your masks one? If free masks I'll be more than willing to help around town university areas where I'm at


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