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Thread: Has anybody use this Nikon camera before?

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    Default Has anybody use this Nikon camera before?

    Has anyone use this or own this camera?
    I believe it's way before the H4D's & Phase One digital release during the 90's..
    Maybe from here we'll foresee how Nikon will go to medium format one day?
    Reviving back with this body's design? I believe fan boys will be happy.

    The look really resembles totally with the medium format bodies!

    Last but not least, does anyone got any clue, will those 2nd hand camera shop have any likely chance sell this underground beast?
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    Default Re: Has anybody use this Nikon camera before?

    This is one of the earliest Nikon-Fuji collaboration in DSLR bodies. Still a APS-C crop sensor.
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    Default Re: Has anybody use this Nikon camera before?

    can imagine this camera's ergonomics. confirm high on "medium format" imaginery poison. WAHAHAHAHAHA!

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    Default Re: Has anybody use this Nikon camera before?

    Quote Originally Posted by kimsim View Post
    Nice a collection
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    Thanks your noted
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