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Thread: Comparing low mega pixels with high mega pixels

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    Default Comparing low mega pixels with high mega pixels


    Comparing two digital cams... let say

    Lumx FZ5 (5 mega pixels) and Minolta A2 (8 mega pixels)

    Zoom - 36mm to 432mm 28mm to 200mm

    Since the A2 has more pixels... at 200mm, technicaly we can digitally zoom a 5 mega pixels(subset) out of the 8mega pixel photo. How much focal length do you think is gained by the exercise?

    eg. Mapping the 8mega pixels picture @ 200mm, to 5mega pixels picture @ 300mm?

    so maybe if there is a 10 megapixels camera with 28mm to 216mm, if will out perform the zoom range of the 432mm of a 5mp cam. (correct analogy?)

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    Not really correct, it depends on how much pixel and resolution can the lens as well as the sensor take in.

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    I guess you're rite to an extent. however, i feel that:

    1) it'll depend on the lens and how much detail it can capture.. if it can capture 10MP, but cannot produce the details, then it won't look very nice..

    2) when you "zoom in", the noise will become larger specks of annoying colour instead of minute ones that you can't really see..


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