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Thread: CF faster before formating?

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    Default CF faster before formating?

    The day I bought an ExtremeIII Sandisk CF, I tried it on a D70 at AP Funan. And for some reason, it seemed to shoot at very fast rate for as long as I kept my finger on the shutter release.

    There seemed to be a steady burst of 6 to 8 shots until i let go of shutter. It was as if there was no buffer limit.

    But when I tried it again at home, after formatting in my D70, it seemed to go back to normal speed.

    Anybody know what I'm talking about or experience before?

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    anybody experience same thing before? or was i imagining things?

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    So you weren't using your own D70 when you tested in AP? Are you sure they passed you a D70 to test, or could that be a D2X?


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