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Thread: Camera Repairs for Polaroid Land 1000

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    I'm currently in possession of a family heirloom which is a Polaroid Land 1000 Camera (see image). It uses SX-70 film.

    There are some issues with the functioning of the camera and despite following the available troubleshooting tips, I could not get it to produce proper photos.

    The battery of the cartridge operates okay, although the film no longer ejects when I commit to the shot by pressing the button (it did not too long ago, which is unusual)

    However, all the films that I've tested all come out overexposed. Changing the exposure/contrast dial and shielding the film as soon as it's ejected has not changed any of the results.

    Despite the poor outcomes, the distribution paste is distributed evenly so I don't believe there are problems with the rollers.

    So I was wonder if anyone provide advice or recommend a repair service to help me get around this?

    Thanks in advance.
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    Default Re: Camera Repairs for Polaroid Land 1000

    Grab your phone and call the shops offering repair services
    Also, if you describe your problems more in detail (and post some images) maybe people could help you.

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    Default Re: Camera Repairs for Polaroid Land 1000

    The camera hospital offers great repair.
    Look for uncle steven
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