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Thread: Jagged images after rotation

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    Default Jagged images after rotation

    Hi. Wonder if anyone here can figure this out. I've scanned some old photos for work using a flatbed scanner, at 600dpi. After scanning, I rotated some of the photos where necessary, by about 1-2 degrees. To my horror, I see that the rotated photos are now jagged. I've never had this problem before using digital images or the scanner at home. So it's quite possibly the office scanner's fault? I've added two photos for you photoshop gurus:

    Original image

    Rotated & edited image

    Thanks in advance!

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    Converting from higher resolution to lower could have caused the jagged edges. Happens sometimes when viewing on a monitor set to a lower resolution.

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    What software did u use to rotate ?

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    hmmmm.. I never get this prob when using photoshop.

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    Photoshop CS. I'm now convinced it's the scanner as it once had a problem and our office staff took it apart to fix it.


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