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Thread: Olympus EPL2 - Focusing Problem

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    Default Olympus EPL2 - Focusing Problem

    I'm having a focusing problem. This is the second time around. The previous time I reset to factory and it's all ok. I tried the same thing this time around but its not working.

    Anyone face the same problem that I'm facing? Or is there any settings being changed hence I could not focus? Please help.

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    Default Re: Olympus EPL2 - Focusing Problem

    What lens were you using and how far was the photographed object from the camera

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    Default Re: Olympus EPL2 - Focusing Problem

    17mm. It's not about the distance for sure as I tried on further items also can't be focus.

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    Somethings u can do now...

    Use other af lenses to try...
    Use another similar camera to try.

    From here...after tests is done...u should be able to know is lenses problem or camera problem.
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