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Thread: "Condition" your batteries....

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    Originally posted by TSC
    What about the Maha chargers? I thought they are the best around!
    You can find out how to buy Maha products here

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    OMG old thread dug up!

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    For those doing conditioning of batteries using a torchlight, please be really cautious. Any discharge of the batteries down to under 1.0V could cause some problems when recharging them. The batteries might just not recharge at all.

    I had a bad experience of discharging my batteries down to as low as 0.2V using a torchlight without monitoring the discharge and soon they all became un-rechargeable. Another words, they went dead.

    The Maha C204F I'm using discharges batteries down to 1.0V before recharging them. I've tested it to be rather consistent.

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    I have also MW charger with discharge function , but i never use it .. I charge my batteries normally , and i left them in trickle mode if i do not use them ..

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