Sometime back i asked for advice on backing up my CD collection and thought i would follow up with my experience with those wanting to do the same.

I chose to back up to WMA mainly because Windows Media Player 10 is very user friendly (and free). My backup program was Dbpower to WMA as well [because Dbpower uses freedb whereas WMP uses another database which sometimes didn't recognise the disc]

I found that files >200 bitrate sounded much better than files under 200 bitrate. For my favourite CDs, i burnt at VBR quality 98 which gave >400 bitrate files. [WMA lossless too big, not sure about compatibility, and not so much different from VBR Q 98]. So if backing up, please try for above 200 bitrate. 128 bitrate is plain bad and should be avoided.

The sound quality testing was done using my entry-level audio-technica ath-m40fs headphones with external soundcard (presonus firepod)