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Thread: LED ringlight for photography, any advice

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    Exclamation LED ringlight for photography, any advice

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    New LED 411A Studio Ring Light Kit 25W Daylight 5600K Dimmable Upgraded LED 352 | eBay

    here the link,
    anyone had this for photography session,
    at iso 800/1600 will this ringlight be good enough to give good lighting at around 1/100 f5.6 f8.0? As i notice direct flash is very hard on the object/portaits /group potraits.

    any advice welcome
    welcome to discuss......
    IS this ringlight be good for indoor event usuage???Photography.
    my main scope: event photography.

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    Default Re: LED ringlight for photography, any advice

    I don't have any experience with LED ringlights, just "normal" studio ring flashes.
    First off, without the actual product, it's just a shot in the dark on how much illumination the LED light will give just based on the numbers. Just keep in mind most LED ringlights are meant for close-up or macro work, with the fall off I don't think you'll get much light at typical full body shot distance (~5-10m). Unless you just want that ring shaped catch lights in the eyes. No doubt it gives that shadowless look, but the light is very on-axis. Unless your clients are found of the "deer caught in headlights" look. Forget about doing group photos with a ring light, you won't get any form of even illumination across the group.

    In short, just get a decent flash from your camera manufacturer if you're really keen on event photography.


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