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Thread: Night shots again

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    Default Night shots again

    Canon D60 + Sigma 20mm/Sigma 50-500 + tripod + cable release, mirror lock, RAW format.

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    Care to share your setting. Thanks.

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    Manual Mode, f8~16, evalutive metering with +1/3~+1 stop (I metered those bright light. Maybe spot/partial metering is better, meter the light bulb then +1 stop. Will try next time). ISO 100, on tripod, mirror lockup (cool!), cable release. Technically not difficult, but need to be particularly careful about the horizon. Sometimes I got slanted pix

    If a large part of the pic is dark black when using evalutive metering, should -1/3~-1/2 stop to prevent overexposure. Spot metering no need.

    One more thing is that u may want to bring your longer focal length to get details of the buildings.

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    Thanks for sharing. Can't wait to try it out myself. Would probably do so next week.

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    The converging verticals on the last pic quite serious, looks like leaning tower of pisa...


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