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Thread: How do I remove the background in Photoshop ?

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    Default How do I remove the background in Photoshop ?

    Can someone please help ?? thanks... trying out but can't find how..

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    sorry mod.. I only see the PS section after I start this thread..please move it if necc.. really sorry for that

    sorry for the poor desc ... like I take a pic of an item and I want to take away whats at the back in PS, so it'll like just a white background with the item in the front..

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    u'll need some layer masking technique.
    if u want some help in PS, can PM me.

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    Easiest is to use the pen tool to draw out the outline of the object, convert path to selection with a feathering of maybe 1 pixel, copy and paste the layer into a new document or the document which you wish to 'superimpose' on.


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