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Thread: Storing / Backup images while on the Go

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    Default Storing / Backup images while on the Go

    Hi there!

    For those on holidays, hikings or on Safari trips, can you share how did you backup the images from the memory cards previously?

    Esp when the places you were resting or staying did not have electricity.
    Or you simply brought as many memory cards as possible?

    Other than a notebook or laptop, are there portable harddisks that run on AA or D batteries?

    Thank You

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    Default Re: Storing / Backup images while on the Go

    I think nowadays it would be easier to just bring multiple memory cards or at least a couple of high capacity cards. That's what I do now.

    I used to have those portable harddrives that can read CF card. But that was back in the days when a 1gb CF card was the largest capacity memory card and it costs more than 200 bucks.
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    Default Re: Storing / Backup images while on the Go

    2 portable harddisks to double duplicate, laptop to transfer from memory cards

    * hd videos and timelapse sequences takes up alot of space .

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    Default Re: Storing / Backup images while on the Go

    Or you could use those Wi-Fi cards, like Eye-Fi, to send the photos to your phone/tablet for backup if you won't want to bring a full sized laptop. After that you can always upload to your preferred cloud site to free up more space. Assuming you have internet connection.

    Though if you are really going to ulu place with no electricity, alot of memory cards is your best bet. And also batteries.

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    Default Re: Storing / Backup images while on the Go

    Work out a 'data budget'. How much data do you expect to generate a day? How long is your trip? Beyond a certain threshold (beyond couple of hundred GBs, going into TBs perhaps), I imagine anything other than laptop-HDD solutions will be quite costly.

    On the average holiday to a city/urban area, I'd go with extra memory cards to keep the weight low. Shouldn't be difficult to purchase additional cards if you need more. Note that carrying extra memory cards isn't really a 'backup'. You still only have one copy. Lose the card, lose your photos.

    There are stand-alone portable HDDs you can look at. Mostly internal batts though. Maybe you can look for 3rd party AA-powered USB chargers. Portable Data Storage | B&H Photo Video

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    Default Re: Storing / Backup images while on the Go

    For holidays whereby I will stay in a hotel / inn, usually I will choose one whereby I have access to a computer. So I will bring along a card reader and portable hard disk in my luggage and transfer / copy photos whenever I am back in hotel. Otherwise I will bring multiple cards enough for a single day shoot.


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