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Thread: Cancelled - Zone System For Digital Photographer Workshop

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    This is photopurist. I have change my nickname to photobum due to a hiccup in my ClubSnap account.

    Okay, you all are going to hate me from now on, but I have to be brave and tell you this. I may not be able to conduct the workshop due to an major project at work. This project is going to take a few months to complete, and is for this Christmas (that's all I can reveal now).

    I sincerely apologize for the hype that I have created without anticipating what is going to happen next. Unfortunately, the nature of my work is unpredictable. My boss cares more about his bank account than his workers welfare and personal life.

    My thousands apologies!

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    No problems man, I don't think anyone gonna hate or curse you. I sure people around will understand you. work is more important. You can always conduct the workshop when you are free a few months later.

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    Thanks man!


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