just figured i might as well inform anyone who might be interested to go and shoot =)... there's a wushu competition on the 18th till 22nd april, tomorrow till friday, at manjusri secondary school ... from 1pm till 5pm everyday. yup yup ... would love to be there everyday to snap my sch's wushu team ... but sch timetable doesn't allow ... yeah =( ...

wushu competition (secondary sch & jc)
18/4/05 - 22/4/05
manjusri secondary (near kallang mrt)

*would appreciate if i could have the photos of yishun JC's wushu team performing/competing. WILL NOT sell those photos for profit, those will only be for the team members/publications if they want. and of course rights would be to the photog who took them =)

(p.s. mods, i know this is a duplicate thread .. but i really dunno where to post it ... won;t be making any more duplicates of this thread =) .. just put one in the kopitiam and one in the reportage sub-forum)