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Thread: how u keep your filters?

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    Default how u keep your filters?

    any of the filter manufacturers make filter pouches? maybe somethying like a CD wallet.
    i have many filters of various diameters and cokin Psizes, and they are quite a hassle to bring around and use in their individual cases.

    thanks a lot in advance.
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    B+W and also Lowepro make filter wallets. You can check them out at CP.

    Alternatively, for filter of the same thread size, you can screw them together and put on caps on both ends.
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    ic thanks dude
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    speaking of filter.. a bit off track.. do you guys have problems with putting polarising filter in dry cabinet (digi-cabi)?

    I put mine (Hoya) and within a few days, there seems to be oil fringes coming from the edges inside.. and this happened three times.. so now give up and put my new filters in a dry box with sillica gel..

    Any idea why is it like this?

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    i saw ppl using cd wallet as "filter wallet", quite a cheap idea

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    I use a cd wallet for my filters...mainly cokins. Just have to be careful when opening the wallet as sometimes filters might fall out. happened to me once

    All in all, it is a cheap solution as it cost ard $10 for a trendy solution.

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    thot of using cd wallet too but its quite big and my AW300 have limited space
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    me using a cokin filter pouch for my p filters. Actually i find it a bit of a hassle as well as the pouch is kinda thick.

    Last time when i was using 77 and 72mm filters, I used stack caps,


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