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Thread: Cruel world

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    Quote Originally Posted by Yappy View Post
    We are destroying everything on earth and one day we would have nothing but destroy each other for survival!
    What makes you think we are the first ones with that attitude?

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    Quote Originally Posted by edutilos- View Post

    Roughly for the Stephen Chow sequence...

    [Picture 1]
    I say, a 48 kg girlfriend is thin and bony, a 60 kg girlfriend is sexy.

    [Picture 2]
    A 72 kg girlfriend is meaty, and having a 84 kg girlfriend is definitely for sentimental reasons.

    [Picture 3]
    But you found a 108 kg girlfriend. You really have a great sense of humour.

    These numbers probably don't take height into consideration...
    The intentional word play with the last Chinese character is lost in English translation.

    But I cannot do any better.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hanzohattori View Post
    Why not now, so we can spare the world from destruction
    ....any proposal?

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    Default Re: Cruel world

    You don't have to look far from your backyard: bukit batok dog killing Bukit Batok stray dog HUNG TO DEATH by dog trap this morning.... -
    reminds me of this song...

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