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    Quote Originally Posted by JacePhoto View Post
    haha... I used to work as a Marcom in that company. 'Festiva' was the name thought up by the Product Manager Ting KW. He had a gathering the previous weekend and thought the name 'Festival' was positive and vibrant. Turn over was quite high. But working for Goh Lik Tuan, the founder, was inspiring. haha... Many learning journey during my time there...

    PCs has not been very stable (due to the different suppliers of cards, hard disks etc) but the people there always try their best. Unfortunately, it couldnt beat the big boys in this game. haha.
    According to (Asia), Singapore's 40 Richest. Mr. Goh Lik Tuan's net worth is approximately around $175 million in 2009 but he failed to make it to the list in subsequent years falling just short of 40 in 2010.
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