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Thread: Which film for good landscape and people photography?

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    Fujichrome Velvia 100. My choice of film for color landscape.

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    Quote Originally Posted by theITguy
    hehe, you know me so far I did not tell you got Stanley can print optical meh?

    Anyway, I feel optical prints looks more pleasing and less sharpen effect, while all the uneven skin surface on the face will not show out, good for model shoot whose face like Mark Lee
    I dont have a face like ML, but its more like a fish ball, so use optical or digital print to correct it'? ha ha ha.
    photography makes one sees things from all angles.

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    How much to develop slides/negs optically at SLCC? 4R/s8R?

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    Stanley do not develop slides (unless they change it). For more slides information please look for the slide gathering thread or search under my nick until I can setup a proper website to host these information for you to refer to.

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    Digging up this thread as I will be going to Spain and Italy soon for holiday. Would appear from this thread that Reala is a good choice for travel photograhy. Any other negative film to recommend? I will probably bring Superia as well as they are cheap and good!

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