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    Default recommendation for travel bag

    Hi guys,

    will be going on a 3 weeks europe trip and will be bringing along my new D70. I have the loewe EX180 bag which came with my camera. After putting in the D70, kit lens, 50mm f1.8, SB600 + batteries, it feels a little uncomforable slung on the right shoulder.

    So I am looking for a new bag that is COMFORTABLE for extended periods of time.

    my equipment to carry

    1) D70
    2) kit lens
    3) 50mm f1.8
    4) sigma 20mm F1.8
    5) sigma 70-300mm APO
    6) wide angle lens, maybe sigma 10-20
    7) SB600
    8) tripod slik sprint pro 3 way.

    Is there a bag that can fit all these and be comfortable? I need to way to secure my tripod. dun want to carry another tripod bag.

    Hopefully the bag is waterproof.

    Budget: $200... if too little can go higher to maximum like $400. But really want to keep it under $200.

    Is backpack safe? will get pickpocketed in Europe?

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    think u shd get a back pack for travelling. it allows u to be more mobile and the weight will be distributed over both shoulders. look at the computrekker from lowepro or the crumpler series, like Brian's hot tub, Farmers double, puppet, formal lounge...go CP have a look

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    i generally carry only at most 2 lenses when I travel overseas. less strain on the shoulders and more freedom to enjoy myself

    if u want a backpack that fits all the stuff, consider the Lowepro Computrekker or MiniTrekker (around $120-150).

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    I am thinking of bringing everything but leaving some of the stuff in the hotel room.

    browsing through the lowe website, any ideas about the rolling models?

    like the rolling mini trekker or rolling computrekker?

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    How much is Lowepro Computrekker AW selling at CP?

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    Backpack will suit you more for extensive walking. Maybe a mini trekker?

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    Lowepro Mini Trekker Classic($94) or AW($118) from MSC would be handy for the trip based on the amount of gears u are packing. But the pros are troublesome to remove the back to get content and items out of your sight since it is on your back.

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    Was looking a suitable bag 2 weeks ago.

    Finally settled with a computrekker bcos

    1. with a difference of $20, you get a better shoulder padding and extra laptop compartment (can put some other stuff, like towel or clothing if you don't carry laptop) as compared to MiniTrekker.

    2. Rolling backpacks itself (not loaded) is already very heavy (due to trolly mechanism), hence will be putting on extra weight on yr shoulder. Also foresee I will be carrying/backpacking the bag more often than rolling it when I travel.

    Of course, a shoulder sling bag is better for easy access. Perhaps you can also check up Tamrac Velocity 9 which allows you to backpack and easy access. I didn't consider as the bag is toll small for me.

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    Backpacks are definitely better for travelling. More comfortable to carry, the tradeoff being less convenient to take out/put back the equipment. I use a Minitrekker (classic) myself.

    But whichever bag you choose, make sure that it is an airline legal size AND weight (bag + contents). I believe that they can be quite strict at Changi airport wrt weight and the limit is low (7kg?).

    Size-wise, even if it is within the limit and fits into their "bag tester", on some flights using small planes, space on-board may be much more limited and bigger "legal" bags may still need to go into the cargo hold.

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    i would recommend using a shoulder bag (that is camouflaged so that it doesnt look like a camera bag) in europe since i wouldnt feel 100% comfortable carrying a backpack especially in very crowded areas, or areas known for pickpockets.

    i agree with mpenza that 2 lenses plus a single body is the way to go for travelling unless you are a working pro. this is from painful experience (i once carried 3 bodies plus 5 lenses plus tripod on a trip, ouch!). a wide zoom i.e your 18-70 or a 12-24 plus a medium zoom like the 70-300 would be a good choice.. have fun there!

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    So it is $145 for Lowepro Computrekker AW at Tkfoto.
    Will CP sell cheaper than that?

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    I tink u are bringing way too many lens with duplicating range. I just bring a wide angle zoom(17-40) and a telezoom(70-200 or 100-400 if there is wildlife). I'll oso bring along a 50mm f1.8 if there is lowlight situations.

    I use a Toploader+Optech Bag Strap which can fit the 100-400 with camera mounted plus a small lens case for the wideangle for walkaround. The whole Toploader+lens case and tons of film goes into a cheap roller luggage(16") when I'm boarding planes or changing hotels.

    Backpack is good if u r really doing some sort of long distance hiking on trails. For cities and street stuff, u want to be able to access yur lens fast! The best is 2 bodies, 1 for each lens.

    For tripod, I use the Optech Tripod Strap and just sling it over my shoulders.

    Photography is impt but enjoying yur trip is equally impt. Take what u tink u r comfortable with walking around, otherwise most of it will still be left in the hotel rm. Besides the more u take the more risk of getting it stolen.

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    do not bring all yr stuffs. u will regret as
    1. not all will be utilised
    2. risk being a p/pocket target
    3. keep in hotel also may get stolen
    4. so troublesome

    u need to understand what is the itinerary for yr travel/tour.
    i believe mostly will be to places with buildings, museums, parks etc.

    as for tripod, i would leave it at home, but will bring those $8 small table mini tripod & use for nite shot if i want to capture the light trails effect.

    backpack is recommended. just bot rover AW. fits a dslr, 1xWA, 1x50mm, 1x28-70mm, 1xflash, 1xportable HDD and accessories.
    can also fits in 1 Tshirt and some toiletries.


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