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    photography newbie here could anyone help me with the different features about lenses? can anyone tell me about the different features of lenses Eg: what does the USM behind the len's name represent and the L to0.If possible could you all tell me about other types of lenses....thank you you in advance

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    Well, just to answer you question, the features you have just mentioned belong to the Canon EOS line of lenses...

    USM: UltrasonicMotor, this technology developed by Canon allows lenses equiped with USM to focus almost silently and considerably faster than canon lenses without USM. Better performance comes with a higher USM lenses are generally more expensive than non-usm lenses.

    'L' Lenses: These are the 'luxury' line of lenses produced by Canon to fulfil the needs of professional photographers (especially sports photogs and photojournalists). The whole line of 'L' lenses are equipped with USM and have far more superior optics than the lower end of Canon lenses... The wideangle and normal zoom lenses (eg: 17-40mm , 28-70mm) ranges are black and are differentiated from the lower end range with a red ring at the front of the lens. The zoom and prime telephotos(eg: 70-200mm f2.8L, 300 f4L) have a distinctive white colour, which you would be able to see in sport events... As the 'L' lenses are the top of the line lenses produced by Canon, they boast a large aperture even at long telephoto ranges and still maintain a high level of sharpness when shooting at these large apertures...this quality makes these lenses desirable to many sports photographers and photojournalists.

    Well, there are other features Canon lenses provide, like Diffractive Optics (DO), Image Stabilization (IS), but I'll leave that to the experts..haha...hope this helps abit...
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    You can go to the respective companies' international websites and look for the answers. There are more than just USM/IS/L whatever. There are also DI, IF, OS, OIS, AS, VR, AF-S, SSM, SWM bla blah blah.


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