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Thread: SunRise?? Any good place to intro ??

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    Quote Originally Posted by ortega
    Bedok jetty
    Changi Broadwalk
    Pasir Ris
    Changi Beach
    East Coast

    anywhere that can see the east side will do, of course you will need to think of your composition as well, so choose a location that have some features that you want to include in your image.

    Cheers and do post your pictures

    For sample shots can look in the gallery
    yes. i agree with the merlion. i have seen very nice sunrise there before

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    Quote Originally Posted by sumball
    Alex, just to check the Punggol u mention is somewhere near to Punggol MRT or the one near to the Sg Seranggon?Thanks.
    The sun will rise towards sungei serangoon area, so point your camera towards that area, there are many places to shoot in punggol.

    From Punggol end and all the wat along sungei Serangoon up to Punggol Park.
    it depends on what you want to capture.

    I have even shot from the TPE over sungei serangoon.
    So explore to see what suits you.

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    I cant do so as I dun have my own transport. Only see from the bus window when travel along TPE...

    ok, will try to catch 82 and explore during this long weekend.

    Thanks Alex. (Wanna go <macro durin sunsire>)

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