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Thread: How much to fix a flash bulb?

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    Default How much to fix a flash bulb?

    Hi, my sigma EF500 super just died on me today (in the middle of a grad photoshoot!). It was working fine, until my friend told me that there's no flash output. After changing fresh batts and testing it out, I think the bulb blew. All other functions/buttons are working fine, and when I press the 'test' button, I can hear a soft 'click' sound but no flash output.

    Is it cheap to replace the bulb? I think this flash is still under warranty but I bought it 2nd hand and don't have the receipt. If it is cheap, I thought I'd just bring it to any camera repair shop (like camera workshop?).

    Anyone can help me? Thanks.

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    sickmah flash, unreliable. ever tried Camera Workshop?

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    ask mylau for the recpt lor...
    yeah I had a 2nd hand sigma lens died on me... after 8 shots...
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    camera workshop doesn't do flashes....

    it's going back to Sigma tomorrow...receipt disappeared, hope the warranty card alone suffice.


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