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    Hi all,

    I'm a newbie in this digi cam stuff. So would appreciate if you all can help advise a poor newbie like me.

    I'm looking at buying a 4MP camera. Currently, I see that Canon is having a promotion for A95 ($555) and A520 ($493).

    Besides the cam itself, what are some necessary equipment that I should have? eg. cleaning kit, storage card, filters etc.

    Does anyone have any other recommendations/suggestions? Appreciate any kind advices given.
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    u can get some teleconverters if u want to increase the zoom of ur cam and some close up filters if u wanna do Macros

    search round CP,MS Color etc for better prices

    cleaning kit is optional lah, just a compact cam, not much maintanence involved. maybe a carrying case? go to CP or even Challenger for a wide range of bags and pouches

    storage, guess it uses CF? dun have to get a high end one, cos ur cam doesnt support fast write speeds anyway, unless u wanna upgrade. size wise, anything from 128-1gb oso can. depends on ur style and pattern of usage. if u like more videos, then get a larger card. popular brands would be SanDisk and Kingston. pretty cheap. can get them at EASTGEAR-Peninsula Plaza 2nd level.

    oh, maybe u wanna get some spare rechareables? Sanyo or Maha if u can afford it(available at Eastgear too)

    hope it helps

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    thanks for the tip wanism.

    yeah, just a simple PnS cam. So guess it should be pretty simple. Is there anything to protect the lens from grim and dirt?

    Just torn between A95 (uses CF) and A520 (uses SD). What brand is Maha? Never hear before. Only heard of Sanyo and GP.

    Do the tele view actually matter? Coz A95 goes up to 110mm but the A520 goes up to 140mm.
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