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Thread: Photowalk on the 16th of May (Thursday)

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    Hi all ClubSnappers....

    I'm on course this coming Thursday morning. Which in my line pretty much means that I am not going to work. I intend to make good use of the time to take a photowalk instead.

    Since I learnt from the recent outing with ClubSnappers[SFP OUTING WITH BILLY NG] that it is pretty fun to have a couple of people to shoot with and receive instant critique from (it really helped me improve the ideas for the subsequent shots that day), I'd just like to shout out to see if anyone is interested in going along with me. Free and easy.

    Time: Start after 10am. End before 5pm
    Route : (tentative) from Tiong Bahru thru Chinatown thru Clarke Quay thru Raffles Place

    Please note. I'm no pro. I'm an absolute beginner. Just gonna shoot for fun. and spreading the word as I go along doing so. Drop me a PM or reply here and we will get in touch.

    Cheers to all.
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    Hi guys,

    The photowalk is on for tomorrow.
    We shall meet at Tiong Bahru NRT station at 9am at the control station. I'll be the tall Indian guy with the HAMA KATOOMBA camera backpack. I'll wait till 915 latest.

    Proposed itinerary :

    9-11 walk around Tiong Bahru. Explore the wet market and the heritage trails. (it's my first time taking photos there. Im gonna follow the brochure produced by the Heritage Board to guide us. )

    11 am proceed to Chinatown.

    1120-1pm photos and lunch at Chinatown.

    1-4 walkabout from Chinatown Clarke Quay / City Hall / Bras Basah / Bugis

    Since it's only gonna be the three of us. It'll be pretty much relaxed and open for discussion depending on what specific stuff we decide to shoot. We can skip some places and head to Bras Basah an Little India even. We shall discuss more tomorrow.

    Do bring a spare tshirt.
    And some cash for drinks/lunch.
    Bring your photography gear for street shooting. Travel light. We will be walking for over 8km.

    See you guys tomorrow. Let me know if you have any concerns.

    Look out for final update at
    10pm tonight. And 6am tomorrow morning. Cheers.

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    Hey thanks for organising this man!

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    gonna miss this as since it is a weekday and gonna work. photoshoot on weekday is good as the pace is much slower and less ppl. you gonna see a different view as compare to going in weekend. enjoy~

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    tsaieh >> Yeah. Going on a photowalk on a weekday morning is a once in a blue moon kinda thing with work commitments and all that. Hopefully tomorrow proves to be a fruitful session. Yeah, we shall enjoy the slower pace and keep an eye out for th unsual.


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    A lil something to read about Tiong Bahru. The starting point for the photowalk tomorrow.

    Tiong Bahru Heritage Trail

    Total headcount stands at 4.

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    Hi guys. Everything seems fine for tomorrow.
    See you all at 9 am at the control station of the Tiong Bahru MRT Station.


    PS charge your camera batteries to the max and bring spares if you are the trigger happy sort.

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    Rain expected to last for the most part of the day. It will certainly hamper our shooting. However, I've decided to still carry on. I'll be at Tiong Bahru MRT Station at 9.

    Those who are still interested can meet me there. I'll wait till 915 latest.


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    Lazybum and captainelmo... Thanks for turning up. Hope it was an enjoyable excursion.

    Look forward to seeing your photos. Closing thread


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    Closing thread


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