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Thread: When Watchdogs Bark Up The Wrong Tree

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    When Watchdogs Bark Up The Wrong Tree, Le'ts Not Airbrush The Error

    Over the years, Ishak has covered war zones and disaster areas, collecting multiple national and international awards. He is no celebrity; he is just a skilled and hardworking professional who lets his pictures do the talking. Being in the journalism business, though, his photos don't please all of the people all of the time that's the job of advertising. And so it is that a picture he shot of cyclists along Changi Coast Road has angered some fellow cycling enthusiasts (yes, he is an avid cyclist himself) and sparked anti-mainstream-media netizens into action.

    They alleged that his photo, republished in MyPaper, was Photoshopped digitally altered to introduce cyclists in the middle of the road, in order to deceive readers about cycling habits on Singapore streets.
    very interesting read, especially for those in the Fud Club

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    I eats, shoots & leaves

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    Some people oppose just for the sake of opposing, especially those from a particular notorious forum and several "alternative social media organisations".

    Even "level-headed anti-establishment" locals are getting sick and tired of their antics.
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