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Thread: E-300 Body Only on Sale

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    Quote Originally Posted by ParkertR
    But the E1 has an EXTERNAL WB SENSOR... its almost like an expodisc out-fitted on it. The E300 does not have an external wb sensor. The Canon 1Ds also has the WB sensor... D2H/X also... and their WB is definitely more accurate than their cheaper counterparts... i'd expect the same performance from the E1 despite it being 'older'. Even the Nikon D2H, out in 2002 has better wb than D70 which came out just last year. hmm?

    It was most prolly a design intent, to reduce cost

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    hmmm.. from many pics (jpgs direct) i have seen taken by people using the E-1 and E-300, it appears to me that the the former has more accurate WB if not at the same level. quite a no. of users tend to get their images a little bit more cooler in terms of color temperature with the E-300.

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    from other forums esp dpreview, the e-1's WB is highly rated, this is in part due to the external WB sensor... i would not think that the e-300's WB is better...

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