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Thread: Adobe Photoshop CS and Adobe Image Ready. Photoshop elements

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    Default Adobe Photoshop CS and Adobe Image Ready. Photoshop elements

    I have a question to my answer given yesterday about what software is best to use.

    Do I need both Adobe Photoshop CS and Adobe Image Ready. and Photoshop elements or just one or the other. what is best.

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    it really depends on wat u wanna do with this software.

    basic organising and editing like cropping, PSE will suffice.

    PS CS will give u alot more control of ur picture ie. u can brighten it, have some effects etc. u can always download a trial version of it

    Adobe Image Ready comes with PS CS if i m not wrong. think it is used mainly for web designing

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    Photoshop CS (which comes with ImageReady) is the absolute choice. It is the industry standard for digital imaging and graphics.

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    Get PSCS you will have more books and tutorials support. But expensive.

    Get Gimp it is free but lack support. Depend alot from other Gimp users through the forum when you need help.

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    Photoshop CS is the way to go. You can always use the Save To Web option if you want to produce web graphics.


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