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Thread: How to keep mozzies away?

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    You fellas need to go master Mosquito Style!

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    thanks but i stick to my bottles...

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    saw KBW walking around HDB estate again telling heartlanders to cooperate in keeping moz in check.
    As if our fellow singaporean staying in the heartland is the main culprit in breeding moz.
    What BS.
    I got bitten by more moz as i walk thru parks than at HDB estates.
    He should hv also asked what his ministry and the counterpart NEA could do better in controlling moz breeding in parks and open fields where rainwater accumulated is giving rise to thousands of moz.
    And you think those moz will "quai, quai" stay there??? No, they will home in to higher thermal signature areas like HDB heartlands where yummy blood is.
    So you see, on one hand our bros here are trying so hard to keep moz away by poisoning themselves with fogging and all those nonsense while on the other hand, thousand of incoming moz are from breeding areas that are beyond their control.

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