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Thread: Noone bringing in Q 06 Lense?

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    I think you can PM Mr Khaw, he can help.

    Quote Originally Posted by SyncGuy View Post

    Cancel order, quote or attach the email convo between you and SGCameraStore, especially if they explicitly state APDS is the bottleneck, and then do what I did and email to the rest of the world of RICOH and Pentax about it and being a potential customer, "kindly look into the matter"..

    It's not about the money, it's about having a service that is no service.

    You're also doing your part to help the local Pentax community here, think about it..
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    Default Re: Noone bringing in Q 06 Lense?

    Quote Originally Posted by PhilipKr35 View Post
    I think you can PM Mr Khaw, he can help.
    Well, Mr Kenny Khaw left for Japan after answering my call on Tuesday which he asked me to send it an official email to complaint. Melvin from SgCameraStore called me up this morning and advise me to call Mike from APDS to find out their respond after a day of radio silent. Kudos to Melvin and SgCameraStore for being proactive to help customer even when the problem is clearly distributor's fault. Thanks Mike, I will not post any further comment on APDS facebook page to further damage APDS reputation as you deem so but then again did you even know what was updated in it in the first place. If you knew that the product is not launch yet, then please do not give false information to your dealers. Keep your dealers updated so that they can advise customer during or after the placing the order. Please do not wait till customer made numerous checks with dealer and finally give your company's facebook a comment after 8 weeks then accuse customer of damaging your company's reputation. What reputation is there to begain with?
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