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Thread: Where to RENT a film scanner?

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    Red face Where to RENT a film scanner?

    Anyone out there who may know where we can rent photo stuffs? I am looking to rent for a film scanner just to archive my processed films. It's too expensive to have one, or looking for a 2nd hand one here is difficult as well. Anyone who can help me, thanks in advance!

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    Personally do not think a 2nd one here is really that hard to find. Unless you are urgently needing one, I believe you can find one selling per week in the Buy and Sell forum, that is those cheaper ones like the Konica Minolta ScanDual III/IV, sometimes Nikon Coolscan IV etc. Of course you got to act fast.

    Another option is to send your films out to comercial labs to scan. Service offered by a clubsnap member "Kex" (you can find his thread in the consumer service forum) gives you about 10MP per frame file, $6 per roll (in strips of 6 I think). But his scanner is calibrated for negative films only, not slides. Do check with him if you have not too many rolls (say up to 20 you only spend $120+/-) to scan as this is the most effective way and fastest to do it too.


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