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Thread: any boxers here?

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    Quote Originally Posted by zig
    ... why do i know surely got funny answers one?

    im looking for like minded fellas who like boxing can train and spar together.... i think im considered a light-heavyweight.. 80kgs
    Hi zig,

    Where do you train? Are there any commercial boxing gym for training and practice ... How much do they charge?

    Did some boxing during NS days (10 yrs ago) keen to pick up again .. maybe slowly first. Anyway ... i think we will we are probably close to the same weight category ...


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    woodlands baby!


    yes there are actually one at farrer park and another one at kallang there singapore martial arts association.

    the one at farrer park is shared by muay thai and MMA people and the MMA class is 80 bucks a month so i think boxing there isnt any cheaper....

    the one at kallang charges ony 35 bucks a month and you can go from monday to thursday and saturday mornings... friday are for prayers

    also the kallang gym is coached by our medal winner boxer of yester year mr syed khadir.

    if your in spore long bean..gimme a PM yea?

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    X-MA = Cross Martial Arts lo...

    haha.... cut his lip come his reaction so slow...
    ahha.... u sure can find opponent one la....

    for me.... sparring's alittle diff....i cannot get into the flow of the "dance" perhaps unless its a real fight muahaha...

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