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Thread: What is the cheap cam were you using when police stopped you

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    Quote Originally Posted by tankahn
    For me it was my Olympus $250 p&s camera.

    2 plainclothes detective flashed their ID at me and ask to see the photos I just took. The camera was hanging from my neck and I was at a HDB carpark shooting randomnly - lamposts, streets lightings, signboards checking how to achieve best exposure in poor lighting. Damn toolan. Don't know how they differentiate suspicious and nutty behavior. What are they thinking.
    firstly, establish if the 'ID's flashed at you are indeed genuine warrant cards.

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    Retire from photography. haaa
    One-North Explorers
    | Leave nothing but footprints, take nothing but photos |

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    Quote Originally Posted by Flare
    Simple film compacts are still the best for these work if you ask me ... but they are fast, stealthy and film are more tolerant of exposure errors. You'll be surprised at how much details and info you can get from a $50 non-zooming auto film compact.
    Seems that you are very experienced, are you one of them?

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    Quote Originally Posted by tankahn
    Anyway I asked them if it is illegal to take pictures in public. They says no, but just curious what I just took. So I show them lamposts, streetlights. They didn't even bother to look. The other guy must have felt so stupid. Breaking their plainclothes cover just to catch a terrorist who decided to bomb a hdb carpark. They are better off checking uncles and aunties carrying bags. Better chance of a drug or vcd bust. A guy with a P&S pointing at inanmate objects, the most he get is a warning for shooting at protected places. Maybe carparks will be gazetted as one next. So they are doing some kind of 'market survey'. With that I see a future in CS having shooting gallery for people testing exposures with their cameras without having to bother to show IC.
    May be there is a secret underground bunker under that carpark that is actually their stealth intelligence centre, and your $250 P&S actually affected their communication ro may be radar signal. Or they may even suspect your $250 P&S is a radio jamming device.

    Watched too much James Bond.

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