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    How should I protect my camera gears if I'm out on a road trip, camping in tents and the only storage place is my camera bag.

    Will putting silica gel in my bag solve all moisture problems? I'm referring to the morning dew, and condensation. (:

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    i saw have sell dry box cost less than $50 can have air tight.
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    Putting silica gel in your bag wont really help unless your camera bag is air-tight, which I highly doubt so. You wont have to worry too much about your camera gear getting a little bit of morning dew on it since it will probably dry up over the course of the day. As for condensation shouldn't be a problem either, unless you are entering and exiting places with high diurnal temperatures and extremely high humidity frequently.

    Don't be too concerned about your camera. Just go and enjoy and shoot. If you are still worred then just leave it in the dry box at home.
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    If you have a decently made camera, some humidity for short periods should be ok. If you're really worried, put it in a ziplock bag and seal it until you need to use it. This will ensure humidity is constant. However, unless you are going to shoot it from inside the bag, once you open the bag it's over...

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    Maybe can use heat pack to keep your gears warm and so, it's wouldn't have vapour condensation when you use during morning. That's what I did recently when I alone on lantau for sunrise. I use extra bag protection as the build in can't cover the whole bag. When I use my camera in the morning at 530, still warm and ok.
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    Short trips is fine, just go out and enjoy your shoots. Using your cam all the time, you won't have to worry about humidity.
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