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Thread: Problem taking indoor shots Lumix FZ200

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    I had a problem to take indoor shots with my Lumix Fz200 on full auto when using the built-in flash (if not using flash the shots always not sharp). It always over expose. I clip on a aftermarket flash filter still not much difference. I 'm a point & shoot guy that do not know much about photography and my young kids always cannot sit still for me to do setting on the cam. So I ended up always using auto. Can anyone using the same cam had any solution? Does buying a aftermarket flash help? When it is outdoor the cam work perfectly without flash. When flash is deploy, always over expose.

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    I have been looking for the adjustment in the past without success. Finally found it today! You can adjust the flash output from -2EV to +2EV. How? While in record mode press menu. In pic mode scroll down to page 5. Scroll down to Flash Adjust and there you are. (see page 145 of user manual)

    Edit: you can also try "Compensating the Exposure" (page 79 of manual) and "Auto Bracket" (page 146).
    Flash output adjustment can be used together with exposure compensation and auto bracket. The key is experiment and practice.

    Note: These settings are not available in iA, you have to change to PASM. I have never used the iA. Mostly using P and occasionally M. P is almost the same as iA but gives you more control.
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    Thks mrsun. Your advise might just work for me. I will try it out.


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