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Thread: A Moment in a small wishing well...

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    Hi everyone,

    Bored last night so I deicided to setup for a shot that I've been wanting to do for ages. This is my first time so if anyone has ideas or tips to share, please let me know. Also fell free to comment. One thing I would like to try next is to change the colour of the setup. Maybe get a different bowl or use an aquarium wih some funky lights.

    Unfortunately, I only have the kit lens (D70) to play with. While the results aren't that bad, I'm itching to see how different it would look with a Tamron 90mm Di... maybe later. Most of the shots were cropped and PSed to remove the surrounding distractions. Hope you like it

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    cant see the photos...

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    Quote Originally Posted by liyun86
    cant see the photos...
    Thanks for the feedback. I posted it on my pbase account.

    Best regards,

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    nice. may i know what settings u used?

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    Thanks. Camera was placed on a tripod and images were taken in total darkness. Camera is set to bulb. Shutter is released and as I drop the coin into the bowl, I release the flash manually. Then I close the shutter.
    The position where the flash is placed is important because you want to get nice shadows and not end up with a flat image.
    This is very much trial and error but fun. Try it out yourself!!
    There's a good site for more details:
    It involves creating sound/movement sensors. I prefer the more trial and error approach.



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