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Thread: Local or SG U, huh?

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    Default Local or SG U, huh?

    For design students either from TP(Temasek Polytechnic) or NAFA(Nanyang Academy Of fine Arts) under the Visual Communication Diploma courses, is it possible for them to gain entry into either NTU or NUS? Or is an overseas degree the only way out?

    To further ask, is it possible to major in Mass Com(Journalism) at the U if you are currently holding a design diploma under one of these schools? I heard of cases whereby designers gain entry into Mass Com's Journalism major at overseas University...but not in SG. Anyone willing to share with me their U path routes and offer me solutions to answer my problem? I've just crossed my first year studies in poly and have to opt for my majors...which will NOT affect the University from rejecting me under the their Media Bachelors

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    you can try applying for NTU's Mass Comm course. But then what do you want to achieve after graduation and hitting the society? This is a question you have to seriously consider coz your choice based on it will affect your future path, be it a local study or going overseas

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    As stated-Journalism

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    Go overseas if you have the dough.Journalism here is pretty much dead.Berkeley is the premier place to study journalism and social activism.

    But then again, you can always go there and do it as a Masters.
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    The Communication Studies course at NTU is highly competitive as there are limited vacancies every year.

    If you are considering NTU Comm. Studies as a choice, I hope that the link above can be of some help.

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    As a Dip->Local U guy, i can tell you it's pretty darn hard to get into a local U from poly. NUS seems to be particularly biased towards poly grads (last year they processed all the JC applicants first before poly ones). The hit rate also seems very low, probably only the top 10%-15% of the poly crop will get a place. NTU seems somewhat higher, about 15-20% or so. Just my general observation from my poly campmates and former classmates.

    Anyway, if you have a funds, go overseas. Local uni (especially coming from a poly) is.. ..


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